M-01946-Implementation of CCA conversions to career status(3/29/21)

M-01947-Reassignment Opportunities(3/29/21)

M-01922 – May 19, 2020 – As a result of the continued effects of the COVID-pandemic, five previous Memorandums of Understanding (M-01910, M-01911, M-01913, M-01915, and M-01916) agreed upon by NALC and USPS have been extended through July 17, 2020.

 M-01911-Temporary additional paid leave for CCAs

M-1879 – Standard Training Program for City Letter Carriers

City Carrier Assistant Resource Guide (4/27/16)

Letter Carrier Resource Guide 2019 (includes CCAs)

Welcome New Members

New Member resources

CCA Rights and Benefits

CCA Uniform Allowance

CCA Questions and Answers(updated 3/16/16)

CCA Retirement Savings Plan

MOU 1827– RE: Temporary assignments to other installations

USPS health insurance for  non-career

 Article 21 Health Insurance

M-1857– CCA Sunday delivery/ Probation after conversion exceptions
M-1854-Compensability for time and costs incurred for fingerprinting