Congratulations to Bensalem carrier, Rob Deegan on his last day at work after 33 years of service. Happy retirement Rob!

Branch 920 retirees were recognized on November 22,2022 during the General Meeting at the Telford V.F.W. Pictured with our Branch President Sean Geackel from top left are: Lynn Scheich (Doylestown), Bill Graef( Hatfield), Dan Higgins (Bensalem), Paul Keegan(Southampton), Rick Lance (Warminster), and Don Miller (Royersford).

Branch 920 members with National President of the NALC Fred Rolando

Top Block from Left: Gerry White, Edwin Nieves Flores, Tim Demchik, Mark Feulner, Bryan Jeffries, Phil Quinlan, Fred Rolando, Paul Keegan, Rick Kirkner, Jordan Loomis, Dan Higgins, Norm Barbieri, Mike Mott, Sean Geackel, Steve Wiley, and Chris Martindell

Four Blocks from left: Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick addresses the delegates, Branch 920 President Sean Geackel welcomes the delegates, basket auction for MDA, Branch 920 members selling chances for MDA

From left: Pa State delegates include former NBA Bill Lucini and State Association President Emeritus Joe Antal – Current Pa State Association President, Paul Rozzi, presenting NALC National President Fred Rolando with a certificate of appreciation and gift honoring his years of service to our union members.

September 8,2022
Quarter 3 Customer Connect Recognition for achieved revenue of $619,020 was held at the Bristol Post Office . Pictured from left: Gary Bell(Bristol Postmaster),Donna Graham-DiLacqua(Customer Relations Manager), Ed Smith (Bristol Customer Connect Coordinator), Jim O’Malley(District Customer Connect Carrier Coordinator), Steve Wiley(RAA),and Sean Geackel(Branch 920 President)

2022 NALC National Convention

From top left: The new NGDV-2 pictures of Officers and stewards of Branch 920-Circa 1960’s delivery vehicle-President Rolando delivering the keynote address during the general session-Chicago fire department boat- MDA President Donald Wood thanking Branch 920 for our 50/50 fund raising -One of the many breakout sessions

Royersford City Carrier Don Miller retired on January 28th, 2022 after 32 years of service.
A Hero Award pin and Branch 920 bank were presented to Mike Till (Warminster) on April 22,2022. Mike acted quickly when he noticed an unconscious man lying in the street while delivering mail. He called 911 and administered CPR until EMS arrived. Pictured from left is NALC Branch 920 President Sean Geackel and Hero award recipient Mike Till

Newtown Customer Connect Lobby Event on 4/21/22. Pictured are Shop Steward Bill Bergan and Customer Connect Coordinator Catherine Carson with a carrier in training(Claire) and her mom(Jill).

Claire’s first day didn’t go very well!
Branch 920 retired letter carriers receive banks at the September 2021 union meeting. Pictured clockwise from top left with Sean Geackel(Branch 920 President) -Gene Varell (Hatfield), Paul Kraynak(Royersford),Mary Duke(Hatfield), Paul Barr(Royersford), John Dych(Hatfield),and James “JR” Rieker(Lansdale)
Lansdale city carrier Dick Gruss retires after 35 years of service
April 21, 2021
Bensalem Post Office letter carrier ,Rob Deegan, receives his Million Mile Award from Postmaster Jim Agger after 31 years of service.

Hatboro Carriers Food Drive Collection Money was donated to Lehman Church Food Bank Terry Morrisette(volunteer), Nancy Ludwig (Pastor), and Rick Cataldi(NALC steward)

Last Punch March 2020

Joe Costello (Telford/Souderton)

36 years and 3 mo

Good luck, brother!

January 10, 2020 Royersford letter carrier Steve Kent receives an award for sketching the District’s new logo.

Million Mile award recipients from Bensalem Post office 12/18/19 from left
Jerry Baioni, Richard Valenzano, Frank Fardone, Paul Korb, Janet Fries, Dan Higgins,
Tom Tolby, Ed Klaiss, Tom Long, and Tony Durso
The Bensalem Team
Bensalem Million Mile Award recipients
Janet Fries and Ed Klaiss
Sellersville Safety Breakfast
Celebrating 1 year accident free
Chalfont Million Mile Awards recipients (left to right)
Brad Hunsicker, Helen Won, Shop Steward Bob Rosanio, and Tony Sulikowski.
The Chalfont Team
Branch 920 President Sean Geackel was presented with his U.S.P.S. 30 year certificate and pin
on 10/25/2019
Customer Connect Breakfast was awarded to Bristol Post Office on 10/25/2019 in recognition of approximately $500,000 in new leads
Left to Right -Leo Zachwieja(NALC RAA),Ed Smith(Bristol Customer Connect ),
Judy Herrick(District Manager) ,Gary Bell(Postmaster)Danielle Candelora(POOM),
Regina Foster Carter(Customer Connect),Terry James(Customer Connect Lead Sales)
more pictures below
Top left- Mark Ferretti and Mike Ryan(Customer Connect) serving breakfast with others named above
Top right- Branch 920 President Sean Geackel and Vice President Rick Kirkner enjoying breakfast
Bottom left-Carriers Mike Pierson and Mike Hughes enjoying breakfast
Bottom right-Carriers Brian Kelly and Ed Mullin also enjoying breakfast
Pictured from left
Paul Bongarzone(30 yrs. Southhampton), Greg Patterson(30 yrs. Southampton), and
Rick Kirkner(37 yrs. Lansdale) received a gift of thanks for their service and dedication to NALC during the OCT. 22, 2019 retiree meeting
Hatboro special recognition and million mile awards ceremony 7/26/19
Pictured from left;Rick Kirkner(Branch 920 VP), Leo Zachwieja(RAA), Steve Eve (special recognition recipient),Tim Lieb(MMA recipient), Chris Carson (MMA recipient), Roberta Emery (Postmaster), and Judy Herrick(Phila. district manager)
Hatboro Awards Ceremony 7/26/19
From Left: Carriers Steve Eve, Tim Lieb, and Chris Carson
with State Representative Tom Murt
Pottstown Customer Connect Breakfast Celebration 7/19/19
Pictured from left : Regina Foster Carter(customer connect rep), Vicki Russell(POOM), Kevin Mawyer (postmaster), Matt Romett(city carrier recipient),
Judy Herrick (Phila. district manager),Dave Napadano(NBA), Rick Kirkner(Branch 920 VP) ,and Donna Graham Dilacqua(customer connect rep)
Pottstown customer connect rep, Matt Romett submitted a lead which led to over $350,000 in revenue.

Breakfast is served by (from left) Jim OMalley(district city carrier rep), Judy Herrick(district manager),Donna Graham Dilacqua(customer connect), Regina Foster Carter(customer connect), Dave Napadano(NBA), and Mike Ryan (customer connect rep).

Pictured below are Pottstown carriers enjoying breakfast!

Warminster Million Mile awards 6/21/19. Pictured left to right: Mike Troy, Chris Martindell, Leon Chapman ,and Branch 920 President Sean Geackel. Missing from photo Tommy Baranek

Bensalem Million Mile Awards Ceremony 6-12-19
From Left: Mychol Dennis(supervisor), Award Recipients Tom Toby, Dan Higgins,
Frank Fardone, and Tony Durso, Jim Agger(postmaster),
Award Recipients Paul Korb and Tim Shirley, Danielle Candelora(POOM),
David Napadano(National Business Agent) and Sean Geackel(Branch 920 President)
Missing from photo is Award Recipient Joe McCarey
Hatfield Million Mile Awards Ceremony 6/11/19
From Left Sean Geackel ( Branch 920 President), Award recipients Jack Baier,
Bill McGuckin,Bill Graef, Maryann Duke, John Dych, and Tom Hoag(not pictured)

Sean Geackel and Steve Wiley teaching a class on Emergency Placements and PDIs. A class on the P.E.T. program was also taught by our Branch President and Executive Vice President

Nobody wanted to sit up front

Lansdale Million Mile Award Recipients Feb.12,2019

From left: Postmaster Andrea Caraciolo,Branch 920 President Sean Geackel,
Branch 920 Vice President Rick Kirkner, City carriers: Dick Gruss,Ron Robinson
,John Camburn,Mark Feulner,Ron Every,Jim Rieker,Gary Jasuta,Ken Schaffer,Mike Carey,
NALC National Business Agent Dave Napadano, POOM Vicki Russel,Phila.
District Rep Lisa Jordan, and Philadelphia District Safety specialist Bill Nichols
Missing (Active city carrier Bob Deery and retired letter carrier Mike Beale)


     OCT 8, 2018


Phoenixville Carriers Recognized

Oct. 2, 2018

 From left: Anthony Johnson(POOM), Bob Whitmore, Tim Higgins, Tony Nattle, Vinnie Russo,                           Ken Thorpe(postmaster), Sean Geackel(Branch 920 president), Gene Kraynak, and                                     Murray Perlstein(missing from photo)

Warminster Carriers Recognized

September 14,2018


Derol Washington(right) received a hero award for saving a child’s life. Pictured here with Postmaster


Warminster postmaster with Derol Washington and 30 year award recipients Leon Chapman,Scott Plenskofski, and Chris Martindell. Pictured on right is NALC Branch 920 President Sean Geackel.

NALC President Rolando’s 2018 Keynote Address

NALC President Rolando opens the 71st Biennial Convention with a keynote address providing an assessment of the difficulties facing letter carriers and a call to action to the 5,000+ delegates gathered at the Cobo Center in Detroit.

More from Postal Record on You Tube


Joe Bongarzone (Hatboro) receives Million Mile award 2/22/18


Jim Gleason( left from Bristol) with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka(ctr)


Bensalem MDA “Fill the Satchel ” fundraiser 2016


Marty Stout (Hatboro)winner of the Joseph M Kaplan Safe Driver Award


2016 U.S. Presidential Election Phone Bank

Branch 920 office 10/5/16

Thanks to Andrea Goodwin!

Clockwise from upper left Tom Clarenbach,Steve Wiley,Dan Higgins(on left),

Rick Kirkner(on right) Tom Hoag, and Ken Traynor. Andrea Goodwin (not pictured)

Congressional Breakfast 2016


Speaking with Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick on the Hill


Rap Session with Fred Rolando


Congressman Fitzpatrick speaking at the breakfast


Members and officers of branches 920,2572 and 4931 with the congressman


A. Philip Randolph(labor and civil rights leader)                            From special midnight tour

of the capitol building

Ceiling of Capitol building depicting George Washington lifted to heaven by 13 angels


NALC Headquarters Washington, DC
NALC Headquarters Washington, DC
Dinner at the Dubliner- from left clockwise Rick Kirkner, Tom Clarenbach, Ed Klaiss, Kevin Gardner, Jim Gleason, Sean Geackel
Dinner at the Dubliner- from left clockwise
Rick Kirkner, Tom Clarenbach, Ed Klaiss, Kevin Gardner, Jim Gleason, Sean Geackel
Outside offices on Capitol Hill
Outside offices
on Capitol Hill
 Lobbying in Fitzpatrick's office
Lobbying in
Fitzpatrick’s office
Congressman Fitzpatrick Jim Gleason and Ed Klaiss
Congressman Fitzpatrick
Jim Gleason and Ed Klaiss
 President Rolando at NALC Headquarters
President Rolando
at NALC Headquarters
National Postal Museum
National Postal Museum
NALC Representatives lobbying in Congressman's offices
NALC Representatives
lobbying in Congressman’s offices


The Great Postal Strike of 1970